Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

    1. Bookings will be provisionally accepted prior to the pre-visit, and confirmed in writing once this visit has taken place.
    2. All fees and charges will be itemised in a written agreement.
    3. There will be a charge for the initial pre-visit equivalent to the distance travelled to your business at the rate of £0.40 per mile.
    4. Travelling expenses will be charged for the relief stay, at the rate of £0.40 per mile.
    5. A deposit of 25% of the total cost will be required 4 weeks prior to the expected stay, and is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled by yourselves within that 4 week period.
    6. There would be no charge for any booking cancelled prior to the payment of the deposit.
    7. The deposit may be carried forward once to a further booking.
    8. The payment balance will made on your return.
    9. The 24 hour cover runs from noon on the first day to noon on the final day.
    10. We do not carry out routine housekeeping duties. However in an emergency, for a temporary absence, we will do so at the rate of £15 per person hour.